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Popworld Addicts

Simon Amstell fucking loves us.

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Finally! A community dedicated to everyone's favourite Channel 4 show dedicated to pop music and reviving Christopher Biggins' career (er, it's the only one), and it looks like Simon, Miquita and the Popworld production team love us too!

Here at Popworld Addicts, we are dedicated to bringing you reaction over Simon Amstell's latest comments and snidey remarks over Bellefire's floundering "career" and sheer suprise at how he constantly gets away with giving out the answers to the competitions, Miquita Oliver's outfits and just how far Daniel Beddingfield can go in interviews!


* No spamming

* No flaming

* No discrimination

* No txtspk

* No trolls who join merely to slag off Popworld in favour of CD:UK or Top of the Pops Saturday

* ALWAYS introduce yourselves with name and favourite Popworld moments

Thank you
vivalabridgetta, popworldaddicts, internet queen and website fraulein!

(And because bad indie bands can be so unintentionally funny, shitnmebandhate)

P.S. New members AAALWAYS welcome!

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User Number: 3114486
Date Created:2004-05-11
Number of Posts: 17

Popworld Addicts do not care for the usual TOTP Saturday or CD:UK gubbins. No way. Our weekend pop music television watching palates are way too refined for those programmes.
Strengths: Popworld addicts possess a sharp sense of humour, keen ears and eyes, motivation to wake up on Sunday mornings and endure Vernon Kay and the ability to suffer Daniel Bedingfield foolish popstars gladly.
Weaknesses: Popworld Addicts are criticised for questionable music tastes, watching children's television, pop musical snobbery and admiration of bizarre original compositions by Simon Amstell.
Special Skills: Vast knowledge of Jewish cultural life, up-to-date knowledge of today's pop music, can remember random Popworld moments, can decipher between monkeys and hairy children.
Weapons: Sarcasm, keen ears and eyes, Sunday morning boredom, above-average intelligence.
Concluding Salutation: If this isn't a hit, we'll eat our collective father. Love, the Popworld Addicts xxx

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10:30 am on saturdays!, 1990s pop, amy winehouse, andrea oliver (miquita's mum!), bastarding cricket, being better than hollyoaks, being inadvertently namechecked, being-the-best-thing-on-t4, bellefire (r.i.p), big brovaz (r.i.p), billy idol, blazin' squad, bloc party, boybands, britney is nuts, busted (r.i.p), charity shop jumpers, chart predictions, christopher biggins, clor, comedy, converse, council pop, cup the ballots, daniel bedingfield, dissing bands, draw with clor, estelle, fancying dougie from mcfly, fierce girl, franz ferdinand, girl groups, girls aloud, goldie lookin' chain, hating televised cricket, jason donovan, jentina, jewfros, jewish boys, jewish culture, john lydon, kaiser chiefs, la grande melange, lemar, lemar from afar, lily allen, manufactured pop, mark owen, mcfly, michael winner, miming, miquita oliver, missing simon and miquita, natasha bedingfield, neil diamond, never mind the buzzcocks, one-hit wonders, pants are the questions, pop bands, pop culture, pop music, pop stars, popjustice, popworld, priorite a gauche, pure pop music, richard the popworld horse, ricky wilson, rooster, ropey guest presenters, rubbish pop groups, s club 8, scissor sisters, shakin' stevens, simon amstell, sneering at popstars, splendid!, spoof charity wristbands, spotting simon amstell, stupid questions, sugababes, t4, the asian craig david, the big ones, the guv'nor, the si-chiatrist, the zutons, there's-a-rat-in-mccutcheon, ties, toasters, toolbox jury, v (r.i.p), where is my monkey?, will young