Jessica Trash (borefuckingda) wrote in popworldaddicts,
Jessica Trash

I feel a bit sorry for Alex after reading today's (boo! hiss!) NME. He's going to be known as not!Simon forever.

Speaking of which, what is Simon doing now? Anyone know?
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stand up?
Ja probably. he did a review thingy at the Edinburgh Fringe last year, hopefully might do it again and get televised?

There's your answer, mum!

The boy's doing a whole load of gigs with Lee & Herring and Will Smith, and one witih Jo Romero. I'm interested in all of them. I fear that I will be very poor in June and July from going to all this stand-up!
Simon Amstell and Poofart Wee in the same night?! I wish I lived closer to London :(
Ooh, thanks! :) Megabus here I come...
Let's all have us a group Popworld Addicts trip to see Simon live! ...actually, considering that he's a bit of a geek, I think he'd quite dig that idea! :)
all his gigs are listed
Wow, a MySpace page that doesn't crash my web browser! Wicked stuff, thanks a ton for the link!

Looks like was registered on the 30th January (hooray for working for an internet provider!). Maybe there's going to be some internet-based greatness coming our way soon!
According to my dream the other night, he is running a wrapping paper stand in my local market.

But stand up sounds good.